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Mentor Luncheons

With Great Authority & Power Comes Great Responsibility

BLMA Director Lanelle Ramey with student Deandre Wesley-Carter from Washington High School of Information Technology.

March 1st, 2018 marked the sixth 1st Thursday Mentor Luncheon at Bradley Tech and Washington. This month's topic was "Responses to Authority." Over 40 Black and Latino male students and male, mentors of color engaged in discussion about this topic while breaking bread. The purpose was to have our young men reflect with their fellow peers and mentors about:

  • Perspectives on authority and power
  • Appropriate and inapproprite use of the two
  • Develop new representations of authority and power to build their cultural capital witin and for their respective communities

The programming for the event was as follows:

  • Opening & Self Care
  • Breaking Bread
  • Topic of the Month
  • Closing & Share Outs

Mentees, with support from mentors and peers alike, truly reflected on their notions of these themes. Student Deandre Wesley Carter (pictured above with BLMA Director Lanelle Ramey) from Washington High School spoke about the importance of being proactive when dealing with situations where authority and power may not work to the benefit of Black and Brown men, especially when one cosiders how mainstream media continuously villifies their existence. A thunderous applause filled the room upon finishing his statement as well as head nods and  props from fellow mentors and peers.

Mentees were also in agreement that authority and power comes with great responsibility, and that just like the mentors in the room that are giving back through this program, they owe it to their respective communites to do the same. Overall the event was a success. Upcoming luncheons and topic is:

  • 04/05/2018: Employment & Careers

If you are interested in being a mentor or sponsoring one of our luncheons, please reference the contact information for the Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement. Your contribution will make a difference in a mentees academic and life outcomes.

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