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Black and Latino Male Achievement

Principal Burns with student from Vincent High School.Milwaukee Public Schools launched the Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement in fall 2017. This department works to specifically address the glaring disparities in academic and life outcomes for young men and boys of color and to implement programs that improve their lives.

The department reports directly to Superintendent Darienne Driver and will work to analyze data and adopt local and national best practices that result in improved academic and life outcomes for this population. 

The National Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) will support the Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement through a strong partnership. CBMA has selected Milwaukee as one of five priority cities and has worked closely with district and community leaders to identify proven strategies and to coordinate resources to improve academic and life outcomes for boys and men of color.

Art student.Mission:

The Department of Black & Latino Male Achievement will collaboratively create the systems, structures, and spaces that guarantee success for all Black and Latino boys and young men in Milwaukee Public Schools.


Black & Latino Boys and Young Men will possess an affirmed sense of identity, dignity and self confidence and will have the necessary tools to triumphantly navigate college, career and life.

Priority Strategies:

Connect with Local and National Initiative to Implement Best Practices in strategic priority areas of:

  • Black and Latino Male Mentorship
  • Establishment Manhood Development Academy Credit Course
  • Improve School Design, Culture, and Climate
  • Promote Positive Narratives
  • Recruit Black and Latino Male Teachers and Administrators
  • Use School and District Data to Improve Academic and Life Outcomes

Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement Partners


Milwaukee County Office on African American Affairs


Campaign for Black Male Achievement



Would you like to learn more about being a BLMA partner? Please connect with David CastilloCall (414) 475-8631 or

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Juan Baez, Ed.D.
Phone: 414-475-8763

LaNelle Ramey
Phone: 414-475-8842 


Paul Moga
Phone: 414-475-8248

Planning Assistant:
David Castillo
Phone: 414-475-8631

Public Ally:

Sergio Muñiz

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