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Facilities Master Plan

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If you were unable to attend a Facilities Master Plan Community Conversation session in November, please provide your feedback on the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan via this brief survey! The facilities master plan survey aims to gather input on what families and the community want to experience in regard to MPS facilities. "Facilities" generally refer to the building itself, both inside and outside, and including how classrooms are set up to support learning.

The survey is conducted by MGT Consulting Group to help Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) gather input into our comprehensive Facilities Master Plan. The plan is currently under development. A final draft is expected to be presented to the Board of School Directors in early spring of 2018.

Community input into the plan occurs through three means:Photo from the Master Plan Meeting

  1. Public engagement throughout November 2017.
  2. Survey available on the MPS website in December 2017 through January 19, 2018.
  3. Further public engagement in late January .

If you have any questions regarding the Facilities Master Plan, please contact our team at

Building a Better Future

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is working to create a new Facilities & Educational Suitability Master Plan. The district seeks a new plan to align with changes that have occurred within the last five or more years in our community. Developing this plan requires an understanding of the facility implications of the education mission, goals and programs of the district as well as significant input from students, families, staff, community members and partners.

A Facilities & Educational Suitability Master Plan will provide a cost effective, actionable plan to address the short- and long-term facility needs of the district. Drafting the plan will include a comprehensive analysis of education trends, school programming, capacity, building standards, operating costs and other factors. This information will be used to allocate resources and make decisions for the long-term, best interests of our students and community.

MPS seeks opinions and suggestions from students, families, staff, community members and partners. The district will use the insights and sentiments gathered to form the plan's development, establish priorities regarding MPS facilities, and make recommendations to the MPS Board of School Directors. MPS will also conduct walkthroughs at every school to determine the facility condition and the education adequacy of current learning environments.


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Facilities Master Plan Overview


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