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What do I do after I receive my grant?

Notify Grant Development of the award. Grants staff will set up onboarding sessions in order to provide training and assistance in setting up and implementing the grant project.

The Department of Finance/Grant Accounting will help set up the budget and will review financial reporting and funding requirements. A budget must be established in IFAS, the district's financial system, before any grant money can be spent.

What is a CFDA number?
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) numbers are unique numbers assigned to most grants by the federal government. Local or state grant programs do not have CFDA numbers assigned to them.
How do I fill out the Grant Intent Form?

If MPS is the fiscal agent of the grant, an MPS employee seeking a grant may begin the process by completing a Grant Intent Form.

If another entity besides MPS is the fiscal agent, you may begin the application process with the Partnership Intent Form. This is how 1) applicants notify the administration that outside agencies wish to pursue specific grant opportunities and request MPS collaboration, 2) district staff gets permission from senior staff to collaborate on the grant, and 3) Grant Development is alerted that its assistance may be needed in obtaining a letter of support or other documentation.

Enter all information in the fillable Grant Intent Form or Partnership Intent Form to the best of your ability. Include a brief description of the proposed project in the “Grant Information” section.

Obtain the appropriate approval signatures (principal and regional superintendent if less than $5,000, chief if at least $5,000) prior to submitting the form to Grant Development.

Contact Grant Development at (414) 475-8260 with any questions.

Do not start proposal development until a signed Grant Intent Form is submitted to Grant Development.

Who is the district's authorizer?

The Superintendent is the only person authorized to sign grant applications on behalf of Milwaukee Public Schools, unless another signature is required by the funder.

How do I apply for grant funding?
Once you identify an appropriate funder, determine the type of grant you are seeking. Is it a:

1.       school-based grant (under $5,000),

2.       district grant (at least $5,000), or

3.       partnership grant?

The next step is to complete a Grant Intent Form for school-based and district grants, or a Partnership Intent Form for partnership grants.

All intent forms require administration approval. If the grant application is school-based grant, the principal and regional superintendent must provide approval. If it is a district grant, a chief must provide approval.

Submit the Grant Intent Form to Grant Development. Development of the proposal should not occur until applicants have completed this step.


Where do I find forms?

The required forms are on the Grant Development webpage under the “Downloads” section, which is in the callout menu.

You may also want to download and read the MPS Protocols for Securing Grants. If you have any questions about these forms, please call (414) 475-8260.

You may also find a copy of the fillable PDF by clicking on the following links: Grant Intent Form or Partnership Intent Form.

Is there a set time when grants are due or available?
The due dates for grant applications vary from grant to grant, and from year to year.
Are there sample grants or templates I can use?
Some grant application forms are similar from one year to the next, but most projects require new and specific information. You are welcome to come by the  Grant Development office (room 228, Central Services building) to review prior grant submittals to get an idea of the type of information required.
Does Grants Development Services staff write the grant for me?
Grant Development staff will assist with preparation and submittal of applications, but grant applicants must participate fully in project planning, development and writing.


Do I have to notify Grants Development Services when I am applying for grants, even if the department is not not helping?
Yes.   Grant Development is the clearinghouse for all grant applications and awards, and should be notified of all grants in order to ensure applicants follow appropriate procedures for requesting and accepting funds.
Does the school district qualify as a 501(c)(3)?

Milwaukee Public Schools is a tax-exempt organization, but not under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS tax code and it is not a 501(c)(3) organization.

If the funding agency supports 501(c)(3) organizations and does not mention schools or school districts in their criteria, contact the funding agency to confirm your site’s eligibility to apply for funding.

You may also contact the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 organization to determine if you can apply through the Foundation.

Please contact Ann Terrell, Executive Director of the MPS Foundation at or 414-475-8013.

Contributions to the Milwaukee Public Schools are deductible under Section 170(C) of the federal tax code.

Contact Us

Acting Grant Development & Project Manager: Ashley Adsit
Phone: 414-475-8696

Grant Associate: Leah Alsteen
Phone: 414-475-8251

Grant Specialist: Carrie Vanden Wymelenberg
Phone: 414-475-8260

Grant Planning Assistant: Jasmine Wells
Phone: 414-475-8260


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