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Grant Development


The grant development team provides leadership, guidance and support to school- and central services-based personnel on grant proposals and grant activities within Milwaukee Public Schools. Grant development personnel also coordinate grant proposal submission and grant writing professional development across the district.

To fulfill this work, grant development personnel, under the leadership of the superintendent and chief financial officer, will:

  • research grant opportunities aligned to district and school priorities;
  • lead grant development teams and ensure appropriate district staff are involved;
  • provide timelines, templates and feedback for draft proposals;
  • provide professional development and support for grant writing;
  • report grant awards to administration including the Milwaukee Board of School Directors;
  • facilitate partnership grant support; and,
  • support district strategic plan initiatives.
Types of Grants

External funding through grant opportunities can support project and program activities requiring new or supplemental financial support. There are three types of grant opportunities support by grant development staff which include:


Grant Development Processes


Approval Process

Approval of an opportunity is the first step in the grant development process before grant writing begins. This process begins with completion of an intent form. District and school-based grant applications require a grant intent form and are led by a district employee. Partnership grants in which an external organization is the lead and fiscal agent require a partnership intent form.

Grant and partnership intent forms must be typed, thoroughly completed, signed and approved by the school leader or district supervisor, and then scanned and emailed to  for final approval. Writing and development may commence once the intent form as received final approval which is communicated via email.

For more information on partnership grants, please view the partnership grant protocol quick reference guide.


Grant Opportunity Research Process

Milwaukee Public Schools employees have access to a searchable grant opportunities database that can be sorted by focus area. Grant development staff can support a wider search of grant opportunities that align with the needs of the project concept, as needed.

District staff are also welcome to subscribe to the grant development listserv and receive information on several grant opportunities each month. Sign up here.

Development Process

For detailed information on district and school-based grant development processes, review the MPS Protocol for Securing Grants  booklet and access the School-based Grant Protocol quick reference guide.


Contact Us

Grant Development Manager: Ashley Adsit
Phone: 414-475-8696

Grant Specialist: Carla Fries
Phone: 414-475-8249

Grant Associate: Leah Alsteen
Phone: 414-475-8251

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