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Division of Grant Development & Planning

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide leadership, guidance and support for Milwaukee Public Schools grant application projects.


  • Identify and pursue funding sources
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with community partners and funders
  • Communicate division services and outcomes to various stakeholders
  • Provide professional development and technical assistance to district personnel to build capacity to identify and secure funding

Services Available

  • Adhere to established district administrative policies and procedures
  • Provide a forecast of district grant opportunities to the Superintendent and the senior executive staff
  • Participate on district grant development teams
  • Facilitate a request for proposal process for grant partners
  • Provide feedback on draft proposals
  • Report award results to the administration and the Milwaukee Board of School Directors
  • Facilitate the grants listserv
  • Provide professional development on grant writing

Contact Us

Grant Development & Project Manager: Marie Thompson
Phone: 414-475-8203
Fax: 414-475-8422

Grant Specialist: Ashley Adsit
Phone: 414-475-8696

Grant Coordinator: Toby Hurley
Phone: 414-475-8712

Grant Associate: Leah Alsteen
Phone: 414-475-8251

Grant Planning Assistant: Jasmine Wells
Phone: 414-475-8260

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