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Division of Grant Development & Planning

The Division of Grant Development & Planning provides leadership, guidance and support to school- and central services-based teams on grant proposals and grant activities within Milwaukee Public Schools.  Grant Development & Planning personnel also coordinate partnership grant applications, grant writing professional development and stakeholder events across the district. 

To fulfill this work, Grant Development & Planning personnel, under the leadership of the superintendent and chief innovation and information officer, will:

  • participate on district grant development teams and ensure appropriate district staff are involved;
  • provide timelines, templates and feedback for draft proposals;
  • provide professional development on grant writing;
  • monitor the status of proposals and report grant awards to administration including the Milwaukee Board of School Directors;
  • research and disseminate grant opportunities;
  • facilitate partnership grant support;
  • lead stakeholder event preparation protocol; and,
  • support district strategic plan initiatives.


For more information on grant development in Milwaukee Public Schools, please visit the Applying for Grants page. To begin the grant application process, download the Grant Intent Form or the Partnership Intent Form.

When completed, please submit a copy that is:

  • typed and thoroughly completed
  • approved and signed by the principal/school leader or supervisor
  • scanned and emailed to

Contact Us

Acting Director, Department of Innovation Development: Marie Thompson
Phone: 414-475-8203
Fax: 414-475-8422

Acting Grant Development & Project Manager: Ashley Adsit
Phone: 414-475-8696

Grant Associate: Leah Alsteen
Phone: 414-475-8251

Grant Planning Assistant: Jasmine Wells
Phone: 414-475-8260

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