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Innovation Development

Innovation Development

InnovationDirector of Innovation Development: Marie Thompson
Office Main Phone:  414-475-8260

The Department of Innovation Development provides leadership and support for research and evaluation, instructional technology integration, grant development, stakeholder events and Systems Thinking.  The team fosters innovative educational programs and practices designed to accelerate student achievement.


Instructional Technology & Personalized Learning

Supervisor:                                                                      Phone: 414-773-9826                                             Email:
Neva Moga                                                                       Location:  Central Services - Room 230

Instructional Technology staff supports teachers and school leaders in maximizing student learning through the infusion of technology-enhanced practices, including the use of telepresence to expand Advanced Placement courses across the district.  Personalized Learning provides individual learner profiles reflective of students’ academic performance, unique gifts, skills, passions, and attributes.


Grant Development

Manager:                                                                       Phone: 414-475-8696                                         Email:
Ashley Adsit                                                                 Location:  Central Services - Room 230

The grant development team provides leadership, guidance and support to school- and central services-based personnel on grant proposals and grant activities within Milwaukee Public Schools. Grant development personnel also coordinate partnership grant applications and grant writing professional development across the district.


Research & Evaluation

Manager:                                                                      Phone: 414-475-8520                                       Email:
Marc Sanders                                                             Location:  Central Services - Room 230

Research & Evaluation, fosters an environment that encourages the pursuit of research, development and innovative programs through a variety of services that support grant development, program evaluation, identification of best practices and data driven decision‐making.


Stakeholder Events

Contact:                                                                       Phone: 414-475-8521                                       Email:
Leah Alsteen                                                              Location:  Central Services - Room 230

The stakeholder event standard was created to minimize instructional disruption, and to maximize the positive experience for the students, staff, and visitors.  This systemic protocol was drafted with input from school staff, principals and Central Services staff, with support from the chiefs and their teams.


Systems Thinking

Contact:                                                                       Phone: 414-475-8260                                        Email:
Marie Thompson                                                     Location:  Central Services - Room 230

Systems Thinking (ST) helps students and staff approach problems in a new way. By learning to view tasks and problems from multiple angles and over the course of time, students are able to see beyond one-time events and recognize patterns and trends. This helps them avoid reactive, quick-fix responses and instead teaches them to divide a challenge into smaller components.

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