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Title I Public

The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on the challenging Common Core State Standards and state academic assessments. In order to achieve this purpose each Title I school must have a comprehensive school improvement plan (SIP) based on an annual needs assessment. The comprehensive school improvement plan should be developed in collaboration with parents and supported by local Board funds along with Title funding.

Milwaukee Public Schools has different types of public schools; each with various methods of implementing Title I.

Types of Public Schools:

  1. Traditional public
  2. Non-instrumentality charter
  3. Partnership schools

Types of Title I Programming:

  1.  Schools that have an enrollment with at least 40% of the students living in poverty may apply for Title I schoolwide status.
  2.  Schools that have a minimum 35% of the students living in poverty may provide a Title I targeted assistance program.
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Department of Financial Planning & Budget Services, Office of Finance

5225 W. Vliet St., Room 2
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: (414) 475-8009
Fax: (414) 475-8074

Martha Kreitzman - ESEA Manager

Shelley Perkins - ESEA Nonpublic Supervisor

Michael Betts - Information Specialist

Cynthia Mendoza - Secretary II

Brian Terrell - Accounting Specialist

Mary Barnum - Budget Analyst, High School Region

Seemi Daniel - Budget Analyst, Central Region

Rosemary Oliveira - Budget Analyst, East Region

Michelle Walters - Budget Analyst, Southwest Region

Marquez Guzman- Budget Analyst, Northwest Region

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