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Financial Planning and Budget Services

Welcome to the Milwaukee Public Schools Office of Finance web page. The Office of Finance ensures the financial stability and fiscal integrity of MPS. The Office of Finance:

  • Safeguards and acts as the steward of the District's assets;
  • Ensures the organization has a system of adequate financial internal controls;
  • Ensures organizational compliance with various legal and statutory requirements;
  • Provides reliable and relevant financial and budgetary information to all District and community stakeholders to for the basis of sound fiscal and operational decisions and to build community support;
  • Advises the Superintendent on financial matters, compliance, efficiencies, investments, and strategy.

We are dedicated to the success of our students and the communities where they live and play.

The budget adopted by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors for the 2014-15 school year focuses on the children and providing every opportunity we can to help student's succeed. Eighty-seven cents of every dollar budgeted in MPS's School Operations Fund does directly to educating children in Milwaukee. This includes supplies and staff; especially our largest group of staff - teachers. Approximately seven cents of every dollar in the fund pays for non-school-based staff and services. The remaining six cents goes to pay for necessary operations expenses such as utilities, insurance, technology licenses, and debt repayment.

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Milwaukee Public School 2014-2015 Budget

00 - FY15 Transmittal Letter (0.6MB).pdf

Provides an overview of the Superintendent's thoughts and the process behind this year's budget.


01 - FY15 Table of Contents (1.4MB).pdf

Lists the sections of the 2014-15 budget organized in the order in which the information appears.


Budget in Brief

02 - FY15 Budget in Brief (1.9MB).pdf

Delivers short overview of the MPS FY15 Proposed Budget.


Board and Admin

03 - FY15 Board and Administration (1.9MB).pdf

Provides biographical information on Milwaukee Board of School Directors, and a list including the Superintendent and Administrative Officers.



04 - FY15 Organizational (2.3MB).pdf

Describes the district’s organizational structure, goals, performance indicators and initiatives for FY15. Highlights the MPS processes and policies governing budget development.



05 - FY15 Financial (2.5MB).pdf

Provides detailed information on revenues and expenditures, fund balance and long term projections.


Capital and Debt

06 - FY15 Capital and Debt (1.2MB).pdf

Provides information on capital spending and debt management, including their role and impact on the annual budget.



07 - FY15 Schools (7.9MB).pdf

Describes various types of schools, school programs, centrally supported programs and staffing, student enrollment and its relationship to school funding and detailed information for each school.


08 - FY15 Central Services (11.4MB).pdf

Provides an overview of MPS administrative offices and departments, including accomplishments for FY14, major changes, staffing changes and FY15 proposed budget summaries.


Line Items

09 - FY15 Line Items (40.8MB).pdf

Detailed information of proposed MPS expenditures for FY15 with reference data from current and prior years.



10 - FY15 Supplemental Information (2.9MB).pdf

Contains background and detailed community information, a budget glossary and other additional information to provide context and greater understanding.


Budget Guide

Budget Companion - April 2014 (2.3MB).pdf

This easy to use Budget Companion Guide will walk you through what the budget means, how you can interpret the information, and other useful pieces. This version is in English.


Budget Companion

Budget Companion - Spanish Version (2.3MB).pdf

This easy to use Budget Companion Guide will walk you through what the budget means, how you can interpret the information, and other useful pieces. This version is in Spanish.



2014-2015-Superintendent's Proposed District Budget Overview (17.2MB).pdf

The budget adopted by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors for the 2014-15 school year focuses on children and providing every opportunity we can to help them succeed. This is the full version of the 2014-15 Superintendent's Proposed District Budget.


Board approves budget that increases commitment to MPS classrooms – 50 more art, music, and physical education teachers – and increases parent engagement and teacher support

Includes a school support teacher and parent coordinator in every school

MILWAUKEE – The 2014-15 Milwaukee Public Schools budget, which was approved by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors Thursday evening, continues to add critical supports that invest in students, classrooms and district families.

That includes 50 additional art, music and physical education teaching positions in addition to 92 added over the past two years.

“We’re increasing our efforts to create a standard of care for students, bringing the total investment in these specialist positions over the past three years to 142,” MPS Superintendent Gregory E. Thornton said. “This budget is clearly focused on the classroom.”

Other highlights of the budget include:Music

- Adding a school support teacher in every school, grades K-12, to help improve instruction by working directly with educators in their classrooms

- Creating a parent coordinator position in every school, grades K-12, to build stronger relationships between families and schools

- Providing additional support for behavioral health services for early childhood and primary grade students in need

- Continuing additional funding for specialty schools – such as arts, International Baccalaureate, language immersion and Montessori schools – recognizing that these programs come with additional costs

- Implementing a five percent spending cut in Central Services to provide additional resources to schools, but also requiring staff to evaluate priorities to determine what services will need to be reduced or eliminated; the total reduction in Central Services from FY10 through FY15 is $10 million

MPS’ reductions in Central Services spending have helped increase the share of the budget spent in schools: the share of dollars from the school operations fund spent directly on staff and supplies for educating children has grown from 80% in 2009-10 to 87% in the proposed 2014-15 budget. Difficult-but-necessary actions to reduce benefit costs, estimated to save $400 million through 2017, have also helped direct more dollars to classrooms.

The Board approved one amendment to the Superintendent’s proposal: adding two centrally-based librarian positions to support library services in elementary schools through the district.

Total spending under the plan would decrease by about 3% to $1,157,296,555, which includes: the school operations fund; the categorical fund (grant funding for specific purposes); the construction fund (repair, remodeling and upkeep); and the extension fund, which includes adult education, social centers, playgrounds and fee-based recreation programs.


Financial Planning and Budget Services

Central Services - Rooms 1 and 2

5225 W. Vliet Street - Milwaukee, WI 53208

Financial Planning and Budget Services Contact Information:

Main: 414-475-8543
Fax: 414-475-8104


Shannon Gordon - Director of Financial Planning and Budget Services



Tom Back - Budget Specialist


Lynn Ruhl - Senior Budget Analyst


Mary Barnum - Budget Analyst Innovation Schools


Seemi Daniel - Budget Analyst Southwest Region


Rosemary Oliveira - Budget Analyst Northwest Region


Michelle Walters - Budget Analyst Central and East Region


Marquez Guzman - Budget Analyst


Michelle Luedtke- Budget Planning Assistant


Katie Reiter - Management Intern


Martha Kreitzman - Title I Coordinator


Shelley Perkins - Title I Supervisor


Michael Betts - Information Specialist


Brian Terrell - Accounting Specialist


Marcia McKinney - Title I Analyst


Cynthia Mendoza - Secretary II



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