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Financial Planning and Budget Services

2016-17 Amended Adopted Budget

The board amended the budget on October 27, 2016, based on the actual student enrollment and funding information from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The amended adopted budget is the final step in the planning process by the administration to ensure that the district has adequate time to align resources with the district's goals and objectives.

The 2016–17 budget that the board approved in May was grounded in revenue and enrollment projections based on the best information available at the time. The major changes to the adopted budget from May are reflected in the October 2016 amended adopted budget:

  1. New initiatives funded:expanded summer school, MPS C.A.R.E.S. and start-up funds for an employee health clinic.

  2. Rising benefit costs for School Operation Fund from 46.6% to 48.3% of salaries and wages, an increase of 1.7%.

  3. Overall tax levy will decrease by 6.5% or $19.5 million over last year.

  4. A small gain in enrollment; if this is sustained it will result in a stable or increasing revenue limit over time.

  5. Overall revenue increase of 2.4% as a result of planned borrowing of $27 million for energy efficiency projects at three schools.

  6. Handicapped aids are projected to be $2.1 million lower than the previous estimate.The actual amount will not be known until June 2017.

  7. The district has increased its vacancy adjustment by $8.8 million.This is consistent with past experience, but if more positions are filled the vacancy savings will not be realized.

  8. The district’s open enrollment costs are projected to be lower due to a drop in participation.

  9. Funds were set aside for the current-year costs of the replacement of the district’s human resources and financial management software.Once started, this is projected to be an 18-month process, including additional costs in FY18 and FY19.


Download the entire 2016-17 Amended Adopted Budget here.

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2016-17 Table of Contents

The Table of Contents lists the sections of the budget organized in the order in which the information appears. The Milwaukee Public Schools budget is organized into four sections: Budget-in-Brief; Organizational; Financial, including Schools, Central Services and Line Items; and Informational, including City Profile, MPS Profile and Glossary.

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Budget in Brief

01 - 2016-17 Budget-in-Brief

The Budget-in-Brief provides summary information on the district's overall budget. All items listed in the Budget-in-Brief table of contents are "interactive". Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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District Overview

02 - 2016-17 Organizational

The Organizational section of the 2016-17 amended adopted budget includes information on the school district, the City of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, the superintendent and administrative officers. The district’s structure and organization, purpose, goals and strategic objectives are also described. All items listed in the Organizational table of contents are "interactive". Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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03 - 2016-17 Financial

The Financial section of the 2016-17 amended adopted budget provides a general narrative as well as detailed information on district revenues and expenditures, forecasts, fund balance, capital and debt. All items listed in the Financial table of contents are "interactive". Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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04 - 2016-17 Informational

The Informational section of the 2016-17 amended adopted budget provides background and detailed community and district information, a budget glossary and other additional information to provide context and greater understanding. All items listed in the Informational table of contents are “interactive”. Click on an item and you will be directed to that page.

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Financial Planning and Budget Services

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Tom Back - Financial Planning & Budget Specialist


Lynn Ruhl - Financial Planning & Budget Coordinator


Mark Lawrence - Financial Planning & Budget Coordinator


Brian Terrell -  Financial Planning & Budget Analyst - East Region


Katie Reiter - Financial Planning & Budget Analyst - Central Region


Mary Barnum - Financial Planning & Budget Analyst - High School Region


Marquez Guzman - Financial Planning & Budget Analyst - Northwest Region


Seemi Daniel - Financial Planning & Budget Analyst - Southwest Region


Lisa Medill - Accounting Assistant


Ruza Drca - Budget Planning Assistantt III


Angel Daleccio - Management Intern


Martha Kreitzman - ESEA Coordination & Compliance Manager


Shelley Perkins - ESEA Non-Public Services Supervisor


Rosemary Oliveira - Grant Compliance Specialist


Michael Betts - ESEA Assistant


Cynthia Mendoza - Administrative Assistant



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