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Office of the Chief of Staff

Office of the Chief of Staff

MPS StudentsChief of Staff: Gina Spang, P.E.

The Office of the Chief of Staff helps to identify, develop, engage and integrate external resources to support schools, students and their families. The department also provides leadership, guidance and consulting services for the district on strategic planning, organizational processes and accountability. A strong emphasis is placed on efforts around student recruitment and retention geared toward stabilizing and growing MPS enrollment. The Chief of Staff office also houses the Department of Business, Community, and Family Partnerships (BCFP), The Department of Communications & Outreach, and The Department of MPS Foundation Support.


Department of Business, Community and Family Partnerships

  • Acting Director:
  • Kellie J. Sigh
  • Phone: 414-475-8845
  • Fax: 414-475-8585

The Department of Business, Community & Family Partnerships (BCFP) mobilizes resources for schools and the district by establishing and maintaining meaningful partnerships with families, alumni, volunteers, businesses and the community as a whole.

BCFP’s goal is to ensure that your school, staff and families are supported to the greatest extent possible by the community. We connect partners to schools in service of students.

Major Projects:

  • Develop partnerships with businesses and community organizations to collaborate in schools and district wide; implement the Adopt-A-School program
  • Coordinate the district’s volunteer program
  • Provide engagement opportunities for alumni at their alma maters and district-wide
  • Implement the district’s family engagement framework to reinforce shared leadership, equity and cultural relevance as core values in MPS
  • Work with the Office of Innovation to oversee the district’s My Brother’s Keeper Initiative and the Community Schools Model
  • Implement the Superintendent Student Advisory Council (SSAC)

Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation

  • Director:
  • Ann M. Terrell
  • Phone: 414-874-5291
  • Fax: 414-874-8295

The Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation raises funds from, and builds partnerships with, private foundations, businesses and individuals to support programs and projects that provide enhanced learning opportunities for students, but cannot be sustained solely through public funding.

Areas of Focus

  • Innovation: Innovation grants encourage teachers to bring fresh perspectives and new research-based practices to the classroom
  • Opportunity: Projects funded provide students with access to robust experiences, primarily via Learning Journeys experiences and the arts
  • Big Ideas: We will partner with Milwaukee Public Schools to provide strategic support for prioritized projects via systematic district input
  • Scholarships: The Foundation provides a variety of scholarships to support students in their post-secondary efforts

Division of Customer Service

  • Supervisor:
  • Kellie Sigh
  • Phone: 414-475-8204
  • Fax:

The Division of Customer Service helps to create a culture of exceptional customer service through continuous improvement efforts and staff training.The Division carries out the Customer Service framework through professional development, after‐hours call handling, an increased district‐wide focus on customer service and on‐going data collection. Milwaukee Public Schools is committed to providing the highest quality service not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of everyone we serve.

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