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Welcome to the new Volunteer & Partnerships Newsletter

Joe'Mar Hooper headshotAs we began the 2015-16 school year, Superintendent Darienne Driver created the Department of Business, Community and Family Partnerships to allow MPS to become more intentional about its partnership efforts.  Our volunteers have always been considered valuable partners in helping the district meet its goals, which is why our volunteer engagement activities were consolidated in this new department.

The synergy in this movement has benefited the district greatly this year, allowing us to better engage our business and community partners with new and exciting partnership and volunteer opportunities, while still being attentive to the needs of all of our school based volunteers. 

The volunteer newsletter has always been a way for us to highlight our volunteers and the great things they are accomplishing in MPS.  As we proceed, we will now be rebranding the volunteer newsletter as the Partnership and Volunteer Newsletter.  This will allow us to highlight the work of our department including that of our partners and our volunteers. 
I look forward to sharing the exciting work taking place in MPS while putting a spotlight on ways our partners and prospective volunteers can get involved in helping us meet our goals!
Thank you!
Joe'Mar Hooper
Director of Business, Community & Family Partnerships


Phone: 414-475-8285

Acting Director:
Kellie J. Sigh
Department of Business, Community and Family Partnerships

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