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MPS Partnership Grant Program

Students drummingOne of the district's  goals is to is to provide safe activities within safe spaces for our youth. In order to make this possible, MPS collaborates with local community agencies to address the needs of our students and families. The district is proud to offer the 2017 -18 MPS C.A.R.E.S. Community Partnership Grant Program to provide youth with positive, engaging opportunities in safe environments during evenings and weekends this school year, 

STEM ExpoMPS is currently requesting proposals for this grant program!

To qualify for funding, organizations must be a 501c3 community organization and must identify matching funds of 25% of the proposal costs (this can be monetary, in-kind or a combination of both) and provide programming during the late evening and/or weekends. 

Please see the invitation letter and application materials for additional information.


IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The deadline for proposals has been extended to 12 p.m. central time, December 8.


Phone: 414-475-8663

Megan Burk

Partnership and Volunteer Assistant
Department of Business, Community & Family Partnerships
Office of the Chief of Staff

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