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GE Community Service Day

Milwaukee Public Schools is fortunate to partner with dynamic businesses and organizations that help improve student achievement, engage our families and help develop staff.  We recognize that it takes continued support from our community to help us to accomplish our strategic goals.  Our partnerships take many forms and may include:

  • Adopting a School
  • Providing informational workshops and trainings for families
  • Providing staff volunteer time
  • Financial or in-kind  assistance
  • College and career exploration and internship opportunities for students
  • School staff professional development
  • Academic and learning supports for students
  • Extracurricular and out of school learning opportunities.

MPS is committed to developing mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses and organizations in our community.   If your business or organization is interested in becoming a partner with Milwaukee Public Schools, please complete and submit the partnership interest form below.  

If your business or organization is interested in providing a workshop/activity geared toward families please fill submit your workshop/activity for our Family Empowerment University.

Partnership Interest Form

Organization Name:

Name of Primary Contact:

Phone Number:


Primary MPS Contact (if applicable):

Would you like to work with a school or district-wide?

School Preference #1

School Preference #2

How would you like to partner?


Provide a workshop for families

Make a donation

Extracurricular activities and student clubs


Literacy support

Staff support and/or professional development

Student Clubs

Community project (e.g. school/community garden, neighborhood clean-up)

Volunteering: One-Time Opportunities (e.g. facilities assistance, reading with students, special event, etc.)

Volunteering: On-Going Opportunities (e.g. reading with students, assisting in science labs or class projects, etc.)

Other (please explain):

Is there anything else you would like us to know about your organization and your interest in partnering with MPS?


Phone: 414-475-8285

Acting Director:
Kellie J. Sigh
Department of Business, Community and Family Partnerships

Please wait while we gather your results.
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