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Facility Permits

Milwaukee Public School (MPS) buildings are available for use by the community through a Building Permit Application process.  In order to secure a building permit for an event, please download our Building Permit Application Form.  Every effort is made to honor permit requests.  However, please note the priority for building usage is as follows:

  1. First Priority:  Milwaukee Public Schools
  2. Second Priority:  MPS School-based parent groups
  3. Third Priority:  Individuals and community groups

MPS also offers 'Hours for Free Meeting Use' for public meetings.  The school Principal must be contacted directly for a permit to authorize such use.  Guidelines are available through Free Meeting Use Time Regulations.

The permit application process is facilitated by the MPS Department of Recreation & Community Services.

Please wait while we gather your results.

Indoor Building Permit Resources for Community Use

Facility Use Guidelines

Guidelines governing the use of MPS facilities that include permit application, certificate of insurance, billing, provisions and cancellations.

Facility Use Permit Application

Fill out this form if you would like to apply for a building permit to use a Milwaukee Public Schools building.

Facility Use Permit Change and Cancellation Form

Use this form any facility use permit change or cancellation. All requests for cancellation must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the requested facility use times. Failure to cancel a permit within this time frame, will be assessed all fees associated with the permit.

Free Meeting Use Time Regulations

Requests for the use of regular school classrooms, libraries or permanent cafeterias for the purpose of meeting under the “Hours for Free Meeting Use” policy must be submitted to the School Principal in writing.

Kitchen Use Guidelines

Guidelines governing the use of kitchens in schools by school and community groups. The guidelines are for the limited use of kitchens and the restrictive use of major kitchen equipment.

Catering Application

Use this application if you would like to use MPS' catering services.

Bell Schedule

This is the bell schedule for the facilities.

Login to mConnect for Indoor Building Permit Resources for MPS Staff.


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