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  • Day One at South Division High School
  • Indiana University Service Day at Obama School of Career and Tech Ed
  • Summer Academy Volunteer at Maple Tree
  • Summer Academy Volunteer at Newcomers
  • Summer Academy Volunteer at Victory
  • Target Volunteer at Greenfield
  • Whittier Volunteer of the Year 2014

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Milwaukee Public Schools!

Regular and On-going Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in volunteering in an MPS classroom?  Or providing clerical assistance in an MPS office?  How about lending a hand in a cafeteria or on the playground?  Check out our regular and on-going opportunities on our Opportunity Directory and then apply!

Apply for one of our regular and on-going volunteer opportunities! Please provide an email address on the application if you would like to create an online account. Creating an account is not required--however, is a simple way for you to have all of your volunteer information at your fingertips!

Access your online volunteer account by clicking here.

Logging into your account for the first time? Please see our FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Short-term and Special Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in working with MPS students but aren't available during the school day or can't commit to a regular volunteer schedule?  If so, consider one of the short-term or special volunteer opportunities below!

  • Healthcare Career Pipeline Mentors – Volunteer at a high school to connect with students interested in the healthcare industry. Volunteers can be undergraduate or graduate students, current or retired healthcare professionals, or faculty from postsecondary institutions and will help in classrooms and/or speak with students about professional opportunities in healthcare.

  • Junior Achievement BizTown and Finance Park- Junior Achievement of Wisconsin will be hosting day-long simulations for BizTown and Finance Park events, educating MPS students about economics, business, career interests and financial responsibility. These events will be held at the Junior Achievement Kohl’s Education Center  through 12/20/2017. To learn more and sign up, click here!
  • Tutor High School Students Each Week - Serve as a tutor and help with homework at one of our College and Career Centers within an MPS high school, each Wednesday afternoon, starting September 27!
  • Mentor a Teen - Serve as a mentor to a teen at risk of not graduating from high school through the Challenge Academy.  Mentors must be 23 years or older and willing to visit their mentee twice at Ft. McCoy, then touch base weekly with their mentee once he or she returns to Milwaukee. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to complete the application?

All individuals who would like to volunteer regularly or on an on-going basis must apply every 12 months. One-time volunteers or chaperones for field trips are not required to complete the application, but may be asked to do so by the school or department.

I filled out an application last year. Do I have to complete another one?

Yes, applicants who would like to volunteer regularly or on an on-going basis must apply online every 12 months.

I don’t have a Social Security number but I would like to volunteer. What should I do?

Individuals are invited to apply even if they don't have a Social Security Number.  This field can be left blank on the application.   

What if I want to volunteer at more than one school (or location)?

Please select each school where you are interested in volunteering, up to three, in the Preference section of the application.  

What if I’m not sure I’ll pass the background check?

We strongly encourage those interested in volunteering to apply. There is no cost for a background check to the applicant. 

Do I have to attend the Volunteer Orientation?

We strongly encourage all volunteers to attend a Volunteer Orientation. This hour-long session goes over the general guidelines for volunteers and provides a broader picture of the volunteer work that is done in the district. Even veteran volunteers will probably learn something new!

Can I volunteer if I’m under 18 years of age?

We have many volunteers who are under 18. Minors who are interested in volunteering regularly or on an on-going basis must have a parent or guardian complete the volunteer application on his or her behalf.

How do I log in to my online volunteer account for the first time?

The email address that you provided on your application will be your username login.

  1. Go to the website for your volunteer account, called VicNet:
  2. Click Need a password?
  3. Enter your email address you used on your application.
  4. Click the Go button.
  5. Check your email address for a message from Volgistics.  This may take several minutes.
  6. Follow the instructions in the email – click on the URL and enter a new password.  Passwords must contain a combination of letters and numbers.
  7. Users should now be able to log in to VicNet.

If you encounter any issues signing up for an account, please contact

Please wait while we gather your results.

Interfaith MPS Tutor Logo

Community members age 55 or better are invited to serve as a volunteer tutor at select elementary schools and help with literacy. Volunteer tutors are trained on tutoring techniques and volunteer in a classroom one day a week, for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Call 414-220-8653 to get started!

Are you an MPS teen looking for volunteer opportunities? 

Check out some of this info to get started volunteering!

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