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Lee Learning Center

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Lee Learning Center is Milwaukee Public School's newest premier early childhood site serving three year old Head Start students from the Milwaukee community. This comprehensive preschool gives students a Head Start by offering full-day services, small class sizes (17:2), individual instruction; standards based curriculum and highly qualified and caring staff. Students are provided with a nurturing environment with an emphasis on the five domains of learning: health and physical development, social and emotional development, language development and communication, approaches to learning, and cognition and general knowledge. This is done through a strong emphasis on allowing children to learn at their individual rate of development through active learning experiences. Lee Learning Center staff provides children with opportunities to explore, and apply new skills by child initiated activities and through interactions with peers, adults, and materials. All Head Start students receive vision and dental screenings along with medical resources and support for a healthy child. Students try new foods as meals are served family style in the classroom and follow hand washing and tooth brushing routines daily. Families are engaged as equal partners which allows them to build strong relationships with staff and the school community to support well-being and ongoing learning development for both parents and children. The mission of Lee Learning Center is to educate every child, each day as they become ready for school and ready for life.

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School Administration

Contact PersonSarah BurzynskiRegional SuperintendentDr. Jeremiah HolidaySchool Board MemberAnnie WoodwardSchool Board District District # 4School Board Member At-LargeTerrence F Falk

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GradesK3 Head StartSchool Hours07:35 AM - 02:20 PMSchool TypeNeighborhoodRegionCentral

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Contact PersonSarah BurzynskiSchool AddressLEE SCHOOL921 W MEINECKE AVMILWAUKEE WI 53206Phone (414)
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