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Zablocki students honor United Nations Day

Students at Zablocki School celebrated United Nations Day on October 24 by holding a special flag ceremony commemorating the 1945 UN charter. The United Nations was founded to promote the international cooperation of counties to maintain peace and make the world a better place.

Within the MPS district, 13 schools are designated as United Nations Schools of International Learning (MPS UNSIL). Collectively, these schools serve students from diverse backgrounds, including different nationalities, languages and cultures. Students at these schools represent the world and speak 35 different languages.

The UNSIL experience is designed to help students master critical academic skills such as research, writing, and presenting while focusing on world affairs and current events. Students enhance their skills in technology, research, debate, negotiation and conflict resolution while developing empathy and tolerance. The skills and viewpoints learned will serve them in college and career.

Participating MPS schools are Academy of Accelerated Learning, Bethune Academy, Burbank, Garland, Grant, Humboldt Park, Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Languages, Parkview, Marvin Pratt, Story, Stuart, Victory and Zablocki.

Opportunities to explore cultures and develop a global viewpoint are part of the MPS Eight Big Ideas: Educate the Whole Child strategy to promote student achievement.

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