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MPS students honored for Women’s History essays

Womens History AwardTo honor Women’s History Month, MPS students were invited to submit essays sharing the stories of Wisconsin women. Winners received cash awards and certificates and were announced at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Hefter Conference Center on March 15.

The contest is designed to shine a light on the lives of Wisconsin women, who have often remained invisible. The purpose of the essays is to explore the public roles and private lives of women and to expand the historical record. The contest rules encourage students to interview or communicate with their subjects, when possible, to uncover new information and acquire new perspectives.

“The contest brings to light many underrepresented stories of women,” said Katherine Katter, English Department Chair at Golda Meir High School. “In some cases, students add to the historic record with original research (drawn from interviews) of women in their own communities—women who are truly unsung heroes.”

Congratulations to all our winners!

High school

First Place: Gepsaida Fernandez, Golda Meir High School

Second Place: Quincy Noakes, Golda Meir High School

Third Place: Jazlyn Molton, Golda Meir High School

Middle School

First Place: Cloey Knapp, Fernwood Montessori School

Second Place: Nicole Sarenac, Fernwood Montessori School

Third Place: Awarded to students from Erin Sivek’s class at the International Newcomer Center, within the Milwaukee Academy of Chinese Language: Aisha Ramzan Ali, Jamilah Abu Bakar, Saidah Dolah, Asma Osman, Moo Ah Tier, Putri Muhammad Ali, Tuwahidah Muhammad Ali, Nur Khadijah Abdul Gafur, and Suhur Hassen. Students wrote about their mothers’ incredible journeys to America and becoming Wisconsin women.

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