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UW-Madison, MPS celebrate expansion of program that prepares students for college and careers

PEOPLE ProgramUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank and Milwaukee Public Schools’ Superintendent Keith Posley today met with leadership from both institutions to announce the expansion of services provided by the long-running and highly-successful PEOPLE (Precollege Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence) Program for students in MPS. The PEOPLE program will now concentrate its efforts in Milwaukee and Madison and will expand services to students in Milwaukee to provide year-round support.

“The PEOPLE Program is one of many opportunities UW-Madison is committed to supporting to provide precollege opportunities to young people,” said UW-Chancellor Blank. “We are excited to partner with Milwaukee Public Schools to enhance the PEOPLE Program and offer more opportunities for student success in Milwaukee Public Schools.”

The PEOPLE Program prepares students to be academically and socially equipped to apply, be successfully admitted, and enroll at UW-Madison. PEOPLE students who enroll at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may be eligible for a four-year tuition scholarship. Participation in the PEOPLE program does not guarantee admission to UW-Madison.

“Expanding our partnership with one of the nation’s top universities, opens the doors to incredible learning opportunities for our students,” stated MPS Superintendent Posley. “We know the growth of the PEOPLE Program in Milwaukee Public Schools will set the stage for post-secondary success to more of our students.”

Key highlights of the expansion include:
•    Expanding the number of PEOPLE participants in Milwaukee Public Schools from 160 to 400 8th through 12th grade students on an annual basis
•    Establishing eight Academic Centers for Enrichment in MPS high schools where students can receive tutoring support, ACT preparation guidance, and social skill building efforts
•    Meetings twice a year with pre-college advisors to set goals and reflect on their progress

Students will continue to participate in residential summer academic programs at UW-Madison focused on math, study skills and writing skills development; ACT preparation; and workshops in the biological and physical sciences, engineering, biomedical research and health sciences.
Additional information can be found on the PEOPLE website. Eighth-grade and selected ninth-grade MPS students may apply for the program beginning February 1, 2019. To be selected, students must attend one of 17 MPS high schools

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