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Teacher efforts with Achieve3000 lead to student success

Achieve3000 at StuartAs part of the MPS commitment to help every student succeed, the online tool Achieve3000 is widely available in classrooms. This computer-based learning activity allows students in grades 4 to 12 to work at their own speed at levels that match their proficiency. Four MPS classrooms have shown remarkable progress using this tool for instruction in science, social studies, and English language arts. Their teachers were honored on February 15 for the accomplishments shown by their students.

At Gilbert Stuart School, Roslyn Sampson’s class has shown high levels of engagement and successful activity completion, with 87% of her students scoring 75% or better on their first assessment.

At Academy of Accelerated Learning, Kaela Zielinski’s students have shown the highest overall Lexile gains for grades 4 and 5. The expected gain for this grade is 50 points, but Zielinski’s average class gain is 124 – more than double the expectations! This class shows impressive usage, with 77% of students completing 50 to 59 activities.Achieve3000 at AAL

Maria Ramos’s class at Rogers St. Academy has shown the highest overall Lexile gains for grades 8 and 9. The expected gain for this grade is 25 points, and Ramos’s average gain is 119. Her class shows high engagement, with 61% of her students completing 80 or more activities.

At the high school level, Nancy Smith’s class at South Division High School can boast the highest overall Lexile gains for high schools. The expected gain for this grade group is 25 points, and Smith’s average gain is 77 – triple the expected increase.

Congratulations to our teachers and students for their impressive work!

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