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School social workers celebrate National Social Work Month 2018

School Social WorkersThroughout March, social workers across the country have marked National Social Work Month 2018 by raising awareness of their profession and calling attention to the crucial role of social workers in improving well-being in the community. School social workers in MPS gathered to share stories and ideas, explore new avenues to support students and families, look at trends in the social work field, and consider the future of the profession.

Social workers are trained to look at situations in a holistic way, and to help bring together people and communities to find ways to address pressing individual, group and societal issues such as hunger, affordable housing, equal rights for all and education success. In MPS, social workers focus on meeting the needs of students with the goal of helping every child find a pathway to a productive life. Family support is a large element of helping students succeed.

At any given time, MPS is educating 5,000 homeless students and 500 refugee students. One in five MPS students has special needs and 81 percent are economically disadvantaged. School social workers support children and their families with a wide range of needs and in a wide variety of situations.

“Our focus is on the well-being of each child,” said Dena Radtke, MPS Manager of School Social Work and Transition Services. “Social workers evaluate each child’s situation and find ways to link the home, school and community so every student can succeed.”

MPS is proud of the role our social workers play in the success of our students, and the entire district is grateful for their service!

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