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Nurses support student health and wellness

Sue Waldoch

South Division High School nurse Sue Waldoch says she works to eliminate barriers to students’ education. “If a child has any type of medical need that would potentially make them stay at home, because I’m here, they’re able to be in school.”

Waldoch was recently named Nurse of the Year First Runner Up by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for her work with students in Milwaukee Public Schools.

While she is honored to receive recognition, Waldoch credits her colleagues in MPS for making a difference in students’ lives. “We all deserve credit for being here every day and just making the smallest difference to the most important of people.”

MPS nurses perform a variety of tasks  including giving first aid to students and addressing sudden illnesses. Nurses also support students who have chronic illnesses including diabetes and asthma. They educate students about the importance of good hygiene practices and work to help them better understand health issues. They have even used CPR to save lives.

The work school nurses do and the important role they play in keeping children healthy are the focus of National School Nurses Day, May 10. Please take a moment to thank a school nurse!

How do school nurses benefit MPS schools and the community?

Attendance – School nurses improve attendance through promoting healthy choices and working to prevent and manage disease. Supporting students with chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or seizures allows them to stay in class.

Academics – Improved attendance means the healthy student is in the classroom and ready to learn.

Time – A school nurse in the building saves principals, teachers and staff time that they would spend addressing health concerns of students.

Staff Wellness – School nurses improve the general health of staff so teachers can focus on teaching.

Accountability – School nurses help schools stay accountable by preparing for emergencies, addressing student mental health, advocating for adequate staffing and promoting compliance with federal and state laws.

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