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Partnership between Kagel School and the Hilton Milwaukee helps good things happen

Hilton Family

When the Hilton “family” comes to visit, Kagel School students know good things happen. Staff from the Hilton Milwaukee City Center surprised the children this week with beautiful cookies and warm sweaters at their holiday party.
The Hilton Milwaukee City Center has “adopted” Kagel School through Milwaukee Public Schools’ Adopt-A-School program. The partnership with the Hilton officially began at the start of the 2016-17 school year, but the seeds were sown when the general manager of the hotel volunteered at the school the previous year.
Kagel student“He started asking me questions and talking with me, and then he asked if he could bring some cookies for the students,” said Principal Mary Saldana.
Hilton has donated school supplies and backpacks, and many employees volunteer to tutor and mentor students.  At Christmas, the Miller Time Pub and Grill, collected warm sweaters for students.  The hotel’s executive pastry chef also made and hand-decorated 300 cookies to give away at the school’s holiday party.   
In the future, the hotel plans to invite students to tour the Hilton and learn about careers in the hospitality industry. The Hilton hosted a special “thank you” lunch for teachers, and they also will be sharing information about employment opportunities at the hotel with Kagel parents and families.
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