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National School Breakfast Week

National School Breakfast Week National School Breakfast Week (NSBW) runs from March 5 – 9, 2018, and is a celebration of the School Breakfast Program. This year’s NSBW theme is “I Heart School Breakfast.”

Schools are celebrating NSBW by decorating cafeterias with student art work, hanging breakfast-themed banners and posters, decorating bulletin boards, posting the School Breakfast Week Proclamation and having students make breakfast menu announcements over the PA system.

Studies show that eating breakfast daily can help students improve math, reading and standardized test scores. In addition, breakfast helps children pay attention in the classroom, has a positive effect on behavior, results in fewer visits to the school nurse and improves attendance.

Milwaukee Public Schools offers a variety of free breakfast options to all students at every school, including traditional breakfast in the cafeteria, breakfast in the classroom (hot and cold) and Grab n’ Go Breakfast Kiosks. The Department of School Nutrition has increased fresh fruit and protein choices offered at breakfast to provide more nutritious and delicious breakfasts to students daily.

Media are invited to see a growing and popular breakfast trend in action.

See a shining example of the first Grab ‘n Go breakfast offering for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. The Grab ‘n Go Breakfast Kiosk offers a wide variety of healthy options for students, including cold and hot breakfast favorites. This effort has been successful at the high school level, and is now being introduced to younger students. The kiosk avoids pre-packaged items and instead features healthy hot items, hummus, yogurt and more. Please learn more about the Grab n’ Go program on the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s website here.

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