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National Digital Learning Day

digital learning

Technology is a daily part of the world we live in, and Milwaukee Public Schools believes that all students need to become confident, proficient users of many forms of technology that will be essential in college, career and life. Beginning in kindergarten and throughout their school careers, students in MPS benefit from a range of technology that starts with SMART Boards and Chromebooks and may include robotics, multimedia production, Google Classroom, video lessons, and AP Telepresence.

Integrating technology in the classroom is vital to connecting with the tech-savvy child of today. As part of National Digital Learning Day on Thursday, February 22, MPS is proud to share some of the high-tech learning in our classrooms. With kindergarten enrollment underway until March 4, this is the ideal time to highlight the technology experiences of students beginning in kindergarten.

SMART Boards and Interactive Flat Panels (IFP)

In many classrooms, including all Head Start classrooms, teachers use SMART Boards or IFPs to engage students in interactive lessons. Software for SMART Boards is available across all subject areas and is used to enhance phonics, reading, math, science, literature, geography, and more. Students can tap the SMART Board to open content, manipulate images, and play games, and can even take quizzes from their phones. SMART Boards have many exciting applications for music and art and can enhance the classroom environment with calming techniques, mindfulness activities, and more.


For appropriate ages, MPS is quickly approaching a one-to-one student-to-Chromebook ratio. Chromebooks allow students to engage in online research, work collaboratively on projects, and use interactive programs for in-depth study in math, science, social studies, language arts and more. Programs are also available that accelerate progress for English language learners. Many of our early grade classrooms use touch Chromebooks to engage young students.

Project Lead the Way

PLTW allows MPS to systematize and coordinate engineering as a focal point for STEM education. The program, built upon national standards and linkages to post-secondary opportunities, is benchmarked to state standards.

Advanced Placement Telepresence

To expand access to Advanced Placement (AP) coursework, MPS has implemented Telepresence in many high schools. Through a video connection, students can take an AP class not offered in their own school, personalizing their learning path and increasing their readiness for college.

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