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Marvin Bailey teaches skills to last a lifetime

Bryson Green nurtures students to thriveAs part of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re spotlighting some of the wonderful teachers in MPS!

Marvin S. Bailey believes in the value of every student – and he doesn’t let them forget it. A teacher in grades 7 and 8 at Benjamin Franklin School, Marvin wants every student to know their own value, strive for greatness and prepare for a productive life. He is in his sixth year as a teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools.

Marvin credits his high school English teacher, Mrs. McAndrews, for steering him away from questionable habits and onto his path in life. “She simply would not give up on me, or allow me to give up on me,” he revealed. “I teach this same lesson to my children, students and athletes. I will never give up on you, or allow you to give up on yourself.”

MPS is intertwined with Marvin’s family, and this legacy inspires him. His mother, Darcus Shaw-Meitz, is a school social worker, his aunts are a reading specialist and a paraprofessional, and his aunt, Deborah Thompson, was the founding principal of Carson Academy. A brother and three cousins also work in MPS: Robins Swan, Vice Principal at Ronald Reagan; Ronni Swan, Reading Specialist at Maple Tree; Paris Rawlinson, Social Worker at Congress Elementary; and Eli Davis, Special Education Teacher at North Division.

Bryson Green nurtures students to thriveOne of Marvin’s passions is serving as head football coach at Vincent High School. “There is nothing more valuable than taking young impressionable men and getting them to believe in themselves and a common goal. Our young men are faced with so much adversity that some of them have lost faith in themselves and life. It has always

been my calling to restore their faith in themselves through service, coaching and teaching.”

A dedicated family man, Marvin’s wife and four children bring energy and fun to his life. They fill their time with dancing, jokes and entertaining friends and family. Marvin also states that he is the world’s greatest grill master. He also gives time to his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, which supports Rufus King International Middle School through the Adopt-a-school program.


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