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MPS students recognized for excellence in German language study

This May, middle and high school students from Milwaukee School of Languages (MSL) received recognitions from The German Language and School Society (DSSV) for exemplary academic achievement. Students studying German took the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) National German Exam and participated in the DSSV writing contest, and 38 students qualified for a variety of awards. MSL had more student winners than any other participating school.

Six MSL students received major awards.

Greta Garcia Jalil-Melendez: Fritz & Maria Keller Memorial Award of $1,000

Anja Arnhold: Wilma Giese Award of $1,000

Martina Osterman: DSSV Award of $1,000

Emily Schwab: DSSV Award of $1,000

Alex Robinson: $250

Craig Robinson: $250

Additional students who earned recognition for their achievements were Catherine Charnon, Nick Charnon, Merce Fernandez, Raquel Fernandez, Henry Finch, Sam Gende, Angelina Hamburger, Serenity Heuangpathoumthong, Brianna Hoey, Ian Hunt, Mary Jane Juern, Brynne Kehoe, Iyonna Luttrell, Abdullah Masri, Brody Obermeier, Garrett Pfaff, Stephanie Piontkowski, Ian Rasmussen, Stella Richards, Isabella Rock, Katherine Roecklein, Hannah Rudak, Emma Sachs, Hayley Servant, Brandon Smith, Francesca Smith, Regan Weeks, Rheanna Weeks, Peyton Weiss, Autumn Wolfe, Mira Zakula, and Rade Zakula.

Congratulations to all our students and to their teachers, Anika Lohmann and Janelle Pfaller, for their success!

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