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MPS students impress school counselors with career presentation

School counseling

Fourteen students in grades 5, 6 and 7 from Greenfield Bilingual School and Golda Meir School helped school counselors understand the importance of an Academic and Career Plan (ACP). The Milwaukee Public Schools team presented a multimedia seminar at the Wisconsin School Counselors Conference in Madison. As part of the presentation, students shared their own ACPs and explained how to design an ACP from the middle grades through college.

The presentation incorporated technology, interactive games and videos. Students offered resources and tutorials about the process they used to complete their projects and introduced resources to the assembled counselors. The panel of students also answered questions from a highly engaged audience.

“Watching these students confidently take ownership of this seminar was by far the best event experience I have been involved in,” said Mounir Corban, MPS school counselor.  “It is so rewarding to see my students express themselves and impress the audience the way they did . . . their inspirational presentations will go beyond the conference and will inspire schools all over the state.”

Sixth grader Quinn R. from Golda Meir summed up his participation in the conference. “I am thankful for this awesome experience. It has been really fun and I hope it can happen again,” he said. “It really meant a lot that my counselor believed in me and wanted me to represent MPS in such a large conference.”

Unique opportunities such as conference presentations are aligned with the MPS Eight Big Ideas: Educate the Whole Child strategy to promote student achievement.

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