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MPS family is proud of four children, all valedictorians

Did Sirtaj Grewal feel much pressure to succeed, with three older siblings graduating as valedictorian? Not that much, he revealed, stating that high achievement runs in the family. Sirtaj graduated May 16 as the valedictorian of the Riverside University High School Class of 2018, following in his family’s footsteps. 

The older Grewal children – sisters Rupi, Class of 2011, and Raj, Class of 2014, along with brother Gurtej, Class of 2017 – all graduated with nothing lower than an A on their report cards, as did Sirtaj. This earned all four of them the honor of delivering the valedictorian address at their graduations.

Parents Darshan and Pam Grewal are proud of the hard work of their children. The couple was married in India and moved to the United States in 1992. Darshan has taught math at Riverside for 20 years. Pam taught science at Madison for 17 years and now delivers instruction to students who are homebound due to illness. The work ethic they instilled included sports and extracurricular activities but very little television viewing.

All four Grewal children are pursuing higher education. Sirtaj will attend UW-Madison in fall and major in engineering or psychology. Gurtej is attending UW-La Crosse, studying exercise and sports science. Raj graduated from UW-Madison and will attend graduate school to study environmental management. Rupi also graduated from UW-Madison and is attending the Medical College of Wisconsin.

MPS runs deep in the family, with all four children beginning their education at James Fenimore Cooper School for grades kindergarten through 8.

MPS media manager Andy Nelson believes that the Grewal family is the first to accomplish this achievement. “As far as we know, this is the first time an entire family has achieved valedictorian. But if other families are out there with the same accomplishment, we’d love to hear from them,” he said. “Congratulations to the entire Grewal family.”

James Fenimore Cooper School is located at 5143 S. 21st Street.

Riverside University High School is located at 1615 E. Locust Street.

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