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MPS students create viral video

A video created by sixth graders at Milwaukee Excellence Charter School has gone viral, garnering 15 million views on social media. The rap-inspired piece was produced as a welcome for the start of the school year with messages about excellence and success in school as a path to the future. No one expected the video to spread across the country and gain the attention of millions of viewers.

The video was produced in class under the creative direction of math teacher Terrance Sims. As the number of views continued to climb, Sims realized the video was more powerful than a welcome back song. Sims has a vision to expand the performing arts department in the coming years and lead it to new heights.

For Principal Maurice Thomas, the attention is still sinking in. “This is the message every student needs to hear—that education is the gateway to your dreams. With all the negative messages that circulate these days, I am absolutely thrilled that we have the chance to inspire the nation in a positive way.”

Superintendent Darienne Driver congratulated the students and staff at Milwaukee Excellence. “This is one of those incredible moments when student creativity is given a platform and allowed to reach its full potential. I am incredibly proud of the students and teachers at Milwaukee Excellence, and I am humbled by the powerful force they have created.”

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