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Generous donations help keep MPS students warm

mitten tree

Photo: Kaitlyn Jacobson, Obama; Jessica Goodman-Schutz, Obama; Julia Mayer, Obama; Alissa Oberschlake, Obama; Jane Roloff, TCF Bank; Principal Carol McKay, Obama; Kellie Sigh, MPS; Katrina River, TCF Bank

For the second year in a row, TCF Bank has helped MPS students stay warm by collecting caps, mittens, gloves and scarves from customers and employees. Along with donations received at MPS Central Services, bank employees distributed items to schools in December and January. The final count set a record – 4,031 items were collected this winter, compared to 3,675 pieces last year.

Mittens and caps have been distributed throughout the winter, with the final delivery in February at Barack Obama School of Career and Technical Education. Students were excited to choose from an assortment of handmade and store-bought items in a rainbow of colors and styles.

Heather Aschoff of Milwaukee Public Schools coordinated the drive with TCF Bank and said the schools were thrilled to receive the donations. “We are so pleased to have the support of TCF Bank for the second year in a row,” she said. “With their support, we received the largest donation of items for the MPS Mitten Tree ever! The mittens, caps and scarves have helped support the district’s attendance efforts—students across the city are able to travel to school safely in our harsh winter weather.”

Thank you, TCF Bank!

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