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Event showcases Vincent High School’s many agriculture options

Vincent Agricultue ShowcaseThe sun was shining, the pigs were snoozing in the grass, and the sheep were frolicking as students at Vincent High School hosted their second annual Agricultural Spring Showcase on April 25. Families and the community toured Vincent’s barn, chicken coop, and classrooms to see the many agricultural activities that students engage in during the school day.

Outside, more than two dozen chickens put on a noisy show while the school’s horse grazed and students coaxed sheep into walking calmly on leashes. Indoors, students held a houseplant sale, built planters, gave tours of the school’s greenhouse, and answered questions about a student art gallery. Culinary arts students were on hand to sell refreshments, fresh eggs, and student-made candles, lip balm, and lotions produced from school-grown aloe and beeswax. An agribusiness teacher described a project that gave students the experience of planning, financing, and a building home, and a science teacher demonstrated the art of making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

Visitors were excited to hear from students about the hands-on work in their classes and to find out about the many career options possible through direct work in agriculture or support of the agriculture industry. Students expressed their interest in careers such as floral design, veterinary work, culinary arts, graphic design, research, and fiber arts.

Harold S. Vincent High School is located at 7501 N. Granville Road. To learn about the many options available to students, visit the Vincent High School website.

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