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Dr. Posley’s proposal puts schools first

Dr. Posley

MPS Interim Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley presented updated budget adjustments to the Milwaukee Board of School Directors on Thursday night.  The changes, which put students first, included his Five Priorities for Success, which are closely aligned to the district’s goals and strategic objectives:

  • Increasing academic achievement and accountability
  • Improving district and school culture
  • Developing our staff
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency
  • Strengthening communication and collaboration

The interim superintendent’s updated budget proposal calls for $11.6 million to be restored to schools, reversing the initial five percent cut to schools. Previously eliminated positions for teachers and paraprofessionals will be maintained and music, art, physical education, and other program cuts made at the school level will be restored.

The administration was able to identify these savings by realigning departments at Central Services and realizing other cost-saving measures. Dr. Posley’s updated budget proposal and presentation can be found on the MPS website

The proposal includes a strong academic agenda that focuses on reading, writing and math.  In addition, Dr. Posley is committed to staff development and improving district and school culture and climate.

One of the potential strategies to attract and retain talented educators for MPS is a cost of living raise. Additionally, as districts nationwide struggle with a teacher shortage, MPS introduced a plan for supplemental teachers and part-time teachers. Supplemental teachers would be full-time teachers and receive benefits.

The Milwaukee Board of School Directors will continue budget deliberations on May 29 and May 31. Both meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Donald J. O'Connell Memorial Auditorium inside the Central Services building, 5225 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee, WI. The Board is scheduled to adopt a 2018–19 budget on May 31.

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