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Bryson Green nurtures students to thrive

Bryson Green nurtures students to thriveAs part of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re spotlighting some of the wonderful teachers in MPS!

In a third grade classroom, full attention on a lesson from every student might not be expected, but in Bryson Green’s classroom, it’s the norm. Bryson teaches third grade at Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Mathematics and Science. The atmosphere of warmth and support in his classroom is palpable, and based on the focus of his students, the children are drawn in by his teaching style.

Teaching runs in Bryson’s family. “My mother is a paraprofessional at Grantosa Drive Elementary School,” he said. “My family is full of educators.” While in college, he reveals that he thought of teaching as just a job, but that abruptly changed. “Once I began teaching, I fell in love with the profession. I love to see scholars thrive and triumph even in the smallest tasks.”

A proud MPS alumnus, Bryson attended Grantosa Drive Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts and Rufus King IB High School. His passion for his hometown is evident in his involvement in his church, where he directs the Mass Choir, leads a young adult group, and has been a member for 26 years. He is also active in the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and coaches basketball and track at Carver Academy.

Bryson Green with studentOne of Bryson’s biggest influences was his favorite teacher, Ms. Linda Brown, at Grantosa Drive Elementary School. “Ms. Brown was a nurturer who expressed her passion and commitment to the profession through all that she gave to us,” he said. “I would aim to never miss a day of school simply because my teacher was just that intriguing. I saw her recently and my heart literally beamed with joy.”

Bryson’s students clearly ignite his passion. “My inspiration comes from knowing the value of education. My scholars inspire me to give my best every day and to advocate for them in whatever regard possible.”

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