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Art exhibition features Milwaukee students

Art Start Portrait ProjectOctober 3 marked the opening of a new exhibit at Kenilworth Gallery Square East featuring works by Milwaukee and New York youth. Entitled See Me Because, the exhibition is a collaboration by the Milwaukee Public Schools Department of Black and Latino Male Achievement, Art Start, and Milwaukee Turnaround Arts. The collection will be on display at the Kenilworth Gallery through October 14, 2018. From December 6 to 9, the exhibit will appear at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Since February, 2018, MPS students have participated in workshops, in-depth dialogue, interviews, and photoshoots, allowing them to explore their own personal identity and envision their lives beyond circumstance and stereotype. With support from world-class photographers, stylists, and oral historians, those visions come to life through this multimedia gallery exhibition and public campaign, #SeeMeBecause. The project offers a platform for self-determination, representation, and liberation.

The Art Start Portrait Project challenges the belief that the future will simply be a continuation of the past, or that stereotypes, statistics, and circumstance determine our youths' existence. Project organizers expressed the belief that each individual has an autonomous and creative spirit that is inherently healing and liberating. With the freedom to design and reimagine one's self, the courage to believe, and access to the resources to create, youth can profoundly transform how they identify and how they interact with their own lives, futures, and each other.

View this powerful and emotional exhibit at Kenilworth Gallery Square East, located at 4155 N. Prospect Avenue in Milwaukee. For full exhibition hours, visit

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