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Amy Ramirez engages students through the wonders of science

Amy Ramirez engages students through the wonders of scienceAs part of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re spotlighting some of the wonderful teachers in MPS!

Amy Ramirez believes that science opens up connections with students. Amy is in her third year teaching science and chemistry at South Division High School, and sees how science can awaken students’ minds. This was the opportunity she had hoped for when she changed careers.

“I was an analytical chemist and worked in a metals lab. The work was interesting but not fulfilling, and I decided to make a career change and become an educator,” she said. Moving from the lab to the classroom provided her with an opportunity to impact the children in her community.

“Too many students have had everyone in their lives give up on them,” she shared. “My responsibility is to believe in my students and help them find greatness. These children are our future leaders, inventors, doctors, lawyers, lawmakers and entrepreneurs. They need to be reminded of the power they have.”

Amy’s passion for science is the direct result of the enthusiasm of her high school science teacher, Mrs. Vogt. Amy recalled a biology project in which the class constructed parts of a cell on a massive scale – as tall as the students. “Mrs. Vogt had a passion for science and made her classroom come alive. Her energy was contagious and her expectations made me strive to do the best I could. Mrs. Vogt encouraged me to think critically and ignited my love for science. 

Amy Ramirez engages students through the wonders of scienceOutside of her science laboratory, Amy likes to dance and attend concerts, and enjoys traveling as a way to learn about cultures and languages. She is also active in her church and volunteers in a program that offers free tax preparation for low income families.

Becoming a teacher led Amy to a career she loves. “The best part of my job is when students from past years tell me about the colleges they have been accepted to and the scholarships they have earned. Knowing my students are thriving and that I was there to help them achieve their goals is the best gift I could receive.”


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